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Liquid Lipo



Immediate shrinkage of fat cells and weight loss.

LIQUID LIPO is applied directly to the body areas where you want to remove excess fat, such as your belly, arms, buttocks or thighs. 


One application, LIQUID LIPO, is absorbed through the pores of your skin and immediately starts to break down and shrink stubborn fat cells that lie deep within your skin’s subcutaneous tissue. 

Fat within your subcutaneous puts you at risk or type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Stroke High Blood pressure, Alzheimer's and colorectal cancer.

Traditionally these fat cells have always been extremely difficult to reduce – even with a healthy diet and exercise


Loose 25CM to 38CM in 5 Treatments over 5 Days

Liquid Lipo works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing the lipids into into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally.

Liquid Lipo 1.jpg

Liquid Lipo is extremely effective for reducing those stubborn area's of fat around your thighs, arms, buttocks and around the belly without spending time in the gym.

Cellulite reduction nearly 90% decrease

3 Applications


*Results may vary to each individual*

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