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Liquid Lipo Melanin Carota



Melanin Carota is a revolutionary high end tanning wax

Melanin Carota is a 99% carrot root tan maximiser, it contains the highest volume of carrot wax possible in a product and is vegan and natural.

Melanin Carota is rich in vitamins A, E & C and antioxidants, Melanin Carota softens the skin while providing for the perfect tan.

Carrot root is a natural tan accelerator that is scientifically proven to enhance Melanin production, the complex polymer in our skin that causes us to tan. Melanin is found naturally in our bodies, when exposed to UV rays the body automatically increases the production of Melanin to protect our skin from the UV rays and will develop a darker pigmentation.

Melanin production starts from the moment you apply Melanin Carota, once stimulated the production lasts for several days.

Please note that the tan will continue to strengthen in the days following if exposed to UV rays or a sun bed.

Melanin Carota works faster than tan injections, (on average injections take 10 days to simulate Melanin). 

Carrot root can be used on all skin types but works well with normal skin type and olive skin, it will get your skin dark and fast.

Melin Carota Branded.jpg
Melin 2.png
Melanin Results.jpg

Top Picture results after 5 treatments of Melanin Carota

It is advisable to still use sunblock when exposed to direct sunlight

*Results may vary to each individual*

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