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Liquid Lipo Tanning Mist



Immediate shrinkage of fat cells and weight loss.

LIQUID LIPO Tanning Mist is applied directly to the body areas which you would like tanned, such as your belly, arms, legs, buttocks or thighs. 

LIQUID LIPO Tanning Mist, is absorbed through the pores of your skin and immediately starts to tan the skin. The tan appears natural and there are no streaks.

The tan base tans to pigment and the liquid lipo formula uses essential oils to carry it into the skin where it can work on the cellulite reducing its appearance.

LIQUID LIPO Tanning Mist contains Aloe Vera which can prevent skin ageing and supports the skin with self healing. Aloe Vera moisturises and fights skin infections and can reduce acne.

LIQUID LIPO Tanning Mist contains Castor oil which prevent wrinkles and antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body.

LIQUID Lipo Tanning Mist contains a percentage of LIQUID LIPO it will remove surface fat (cellulite) and effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

LIQUID LIPO Tanning Mist contains NO POLLEN!!

Pollen can trigger skin reactions, block pores and cause allergies.

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*Results may vary to each individual*

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