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This is a cold, biostimulation mechanical anticellulite treatment which also
reduces body inches that can be applied all over.
The advantage of this treatment, when compared to the others, is that this product gives
faster effects that are visible immediately after the first treatment!…

CryoFit therapy VF100 is a brand new method, a professional vacuum treatment of losing weight and cellulite elimination. It contains strong active components, which have excellent effects on the waist size reduction. The addition of hyaluronic is bring back tightness and freshness of the skin.

Ultra-fast fat reduction treatment without cosmetic surgery and zero recovery time.

VF100  is a method which is not aggressive.

Start the process of losing weight in a natural way without pain and unpleasant effects.

1 treatment every 48hrs for 10 sessions

VF100 Accelerates the burning of fats and decreasing cellulite.

VF100 decreases leg swelling.

Waist size reduced with VF100. Body volume decreases and skin tone is improved with VF100

VF100 Removes Harmful toxins from the tissue and accelerates blood circulation.

VF100 assists with loss of water surplus.
VF100 contains hyaluronic which hydrates and refreshes the skin and the skins elasticity is returned.

* Results may vary to each individual*

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